Panorama Ball Bone P...

Stitched Panorama of 8 images taken at Ball Bone Point in the Gardens of Stone National Park.

Narrabri Dishes

Stitched Panorama of 13 images of the dishes at Narrabri (ATCA).

A Photographers Craf...

A photographer's selfie!

Ben Bullen Station U...

The Ben Bullen railway station under the night sky.

Ben Bullen Station

The railway station at Ben Bullen NSW.

Ben Bullen Railway S...

Railway station at Ben Bullen NSW.

Butter Box Canyon

Butter Box Canyon, looking into the Gross Valley. Blue Mountains Nightscape.

Glolden Tree Nightsc...

A beautiful golden tree under the night sky.

Glow Tree

Stitched Panorama, Glow Tree

Hartley Courthouse

Hartley Courthouse, Side View, Panorama Shot

Hartley Courthouse b...

The historic sandstone building, Hartley Courthouse under the night sky, Hartley NSW.

Hyde Park by Starlig...
Hyde Park, Hartley

Night panorama taken at Hyde Park, Hartley NSW,